Thursday, June 10, 2010

Prayer- The Panacea of the Masses

The Times-Picayune has a piece on Louisianians praying for the oil spill.  There is even a website set up:

One might think that with so many vigilant people praying some measurable difference might be felt.  There hasn't been any.  BP is still failing.  Animals are still dying.  People along the coast are hitting hard times.  The coasts themselves are being damaged. 

No worry, however.  If God isn't answering, it must be that he has another plan.  Or he is punishing us.  Or teaching us.  There are a thousand ways a religious apologist could excuse the inaction of their beloved deity.  Unfortunately, non-existence is not among them. 

One of the comments on the piece struck me as pretty funny.  The person "Keith" stated that God was showing us to value the Earth.  Was that what he was doing when he supposedly  flooded the world as well?  Religion enjoys disaster.  For every disaster at least one religious leader takes to his high and mighty pulpit to let the plebeians know why God has found it fit to unleash his wrath upon us.