Sunday, June 6, 2010

Questioning Faith

I was taught to read when I was very young and devoured books greedily. I read about curious monkeys and islands inhabited by monsters. Later in my educational process, I was taught to question what I read and not to assume the infallibility of authors. I read about philosophy and society, history and politics.

I don't believe that critical reading and comprehension are taught as ardently (or as early) as they should be. There are people who take what they read for fact, regardless of the source of information. I feel that I had many teachers (in different states and school districts) who failed to inspire an inquisitorial attitude in my reading assignments- whether for history, literature or civics, etc. For me, college was when I was allowed to question what I was reading and challenge the author as to whether they had adequately met their claims.

I am hoping to bring my understanding of religious and scientific texts, as well as my viewpoints as an Atheist, to introduce questions and hopefully introduce more critical reading into a field (theology) in which it is sorely lacking.

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